Cut signal in cell phone jammer coverageメンバー/フォロワー一覧

  • Cut signal in cell phone jammer coverage As previously seen in other tests, the jammer "covers" the target signal to cut off communication on that frequency. Therefore, the mobile phone jammers studied today will cut mobile phones and GPS within a few meters radius. It will also neutralize the vehicle's GPS plotter. Note that in the technical documentation, it is only expressed as 2G, but as we will see later, it also works on 3G. Some drone jammers are in the form of boxes, especially when they are omnidirectional (i.e. they compete in all directions), while others (shown above) are designed to be mounted on rifles. Indeed, this is the most natural aiming method. The possibility of equipping a telescope can make the distance captured by the drone greater than the distance that can be seen with the naked eye.